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Date: 2 March 2014
Venue: The Ground Theatre at *SCAPE


It’s been two weeks since the concert but I cannot stop playing their songs on my iPod!

At S$68, the tickets are a steal and so here comes #TBSSG! This being my second time at a rock concert in an enclosed space, I was ready for the shoving and body surfing! Though nothing can prepare you when the time comes. Thank goodness for concert buddy!


This is the best shot I took that night because it was too dark and too jumpy for any proper shots to be taken. I love this shot a lot so much so I posted it on my Instagram and used it as my Whatsapp profile picture!

Being able to see Adam Lazarra on stage is such an experience and his mic-swing is super awesome! Everytime he does it, I’m in awe and he has this incredible swag going on! OMG!

A Decade Under The Influence
Liar (It Takes One To Know One)
Faith (When I Let You Down)
Timberwolves At New Jersey
Flicker, Fade
Bonus Mosh Pt. II
What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?
Existentialism On Prom Night
Number Five With A Bullet
Error: Operator
You’re So Last Summer
Twenty-Twenty Surgery
Set Phasers To Stun
My Blue Heaven
Best Places To Be A Mom
One-Eighty By Summer
Beat Up Car
Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team)
Call Me In The Morning – encore
You Know How I Do – encore
MakeDamnSure – encore



Date: 21 September 2013
Venue: The Padang

This is super overdue but better late than never!

The Killers finally came to Singapore! I was so disappointed they cancelled the previous one I didn’t listen to their music for about six months. Yeah, I was totally in the dumps though I know they didn’t play for a valid reason. But yeah, they came, they played and they conquered!




You know it’s a great concert when the band and everyone including you are drenched in your own (and other people’s) perspiration.

Mr. Brightside
The Way It Was
Smile Like You Mean It
Bling (Confession of a King)
Shadowplay (Joy Division cover)
Somebody Told Me
I Think We’re Alone Now (Tommy James & the Shondells cover)
For Reasons Unknown
From Here On Out
A Dustland Fairytale
Read My Mind
All These Things That I’ve Done
Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine  encore
When You Were Young  encore


Date: 29 March 2013
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Well, I’m sure all fervent fans of The Script have been anxiously waiting for this day since the guys came into town last September for their autograph session. We waited for SIX MONTHS and the wait was worth it because it was a sold-out concert (I think) and the fans have gotten more enthusiastic and their songs resonated with us even more.


When Danny and the guys burst onto the stage, it was mayhem! I could see the crowd in the standing area squeeze to the front because everyone knows Danny loves to mingle and he did mingle with the crowd a few times, driving those in the front row nuts. I’m sure quite a number of them girls managed to touch him! *squeals*

I’m very impressed by guitarist, Mark Sheehan, who also happens to rap on #3 especially on ‘If You Could See Me Now’. To rap along is one thing, but to rap with conviction is another. He has amazing energy too, jumping from one side of the stage to another. He even got down to the crowd!

Then somewhere in the middle of the setlist from ‘Breakeven’ all the way to ‘Talk You Down’, I went crazy because they did ALL my favourite songs continuously! One thing about The Script’s songs is that they usually have this haunting tune that they can make the audience hum along. This is especially effective during concerts because the audience becomes this singular body of voice. That was what happened during ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ when Danny allowed the crowd to sing an entire verse on their own. It was such an enchanting moment and it just topped their 2011 concert version.

I hear their songs all the time on my ipod but somehow singing it live, together with the crowd and The Script, it was very emotional. I teared up a couple of times at some of the songs and I guess this feeling can only be felt when you’re at a concert like this.


Then the guys did something cute for their Facebook to remember this trip:


And we sang our way to an encore!

Danny surprised the audience during ‘You Won’t Feel A Thing’ by appearing in the middle of the audience. So, that’s what the ladder was for! Well, I almost touched Danny when he went down the ladder. They certainly kept the best for last because everyone sure knew the words to ‘Hall of Fame’ and boy, those boys that appeared out of nowhere during the Danny-in-the-crowd-fiasco earlier were shouting and thumping their feet with every line. I felt old next to them because how could one shout and thump so energetically?

Still, wasn’t ‘Hall of Fame’ amazing? I can still remember Mark cheekily asking us to sing “Be a Champion” while they exited.  Great concert.


Good Ol’ Days
We Cry
Science & Faith
The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
If You Could See Me Now
Before The Worst
If You Ever Come Back
Talk You Down
I’m Yours
Six Degrees of Separation
For the First Time
You Won’t Feel A Thing – encore
Hall Of Fame – encore


Date: 8 March 2013
Venue: The Star Theatre @ The Star Performing Arts Centre

AdamLambert2013It’s been about a week since Adam Lambert’s concert but I can’t stop playing his songs! Especially ‘Trespassing’ – it is stuck in my head!


I was not planning to go to his concert but my sister won tickets from the 8 Days contest so we went and it was an amazing experience! WOW! It’s my first time at the Star Theatre and it’s a pretty nice concert venue. You scanned your ticket to enter the premises, which saved on manpower and extends the lifespan of my ticket because some ushers tear them off as if their life depended on it.

He opened with ‘If I Had You’ wearing an electric blue suit and blue happens to be my favourite colour! Wow, Adam Lambert has got the moves and his dancers have them too! I was fascinated with the bassist, Ashley Dzerigian, because her hairstyle was amazeballs and how often do you see female bassists rocking it?! The chemistry between Lambert and guitarist, Tommy Joe Ratliff,  just sizzled onstage. Zing!

One song I couldn’t get out of my head was Shout (Tears for Fears) because he brought his own style to it and it was a really nice homage to Tears for Fears because (I think) he started getting attention with his haunting version of Mad World (also from Tears for Fears). His acoustic rendition of ‘WWFM’ and ‘Time For Miracles’ hit all the right notes and showcased his amazing voice.

The rest of the songs were more upbeat and gave Adam Lambert a chance to do his thing and he sashayed, shimmied and displayed sexiness and sass in this leather sleeves with long tassles. Every move he makes is just HOT!

He came out for an encore performance of his hit ‘Trespassing’ and another for ‘Music Again’ and I think we were all a little sad to know he won’t be appearing on stage for a third time. Haha, but seriously, two encores is incredible! I had a great night!


If I Had You
Naked Love
Never Close Our Eyes
Pop That Lock
What Do You Want From Me?
Time For Miracles
Outlaws of Love
Is This Love? (Bob Marley cover)
Kickin’ In
For Your Entertainment
Dragon Attack (Queen cover)
Trespassing  – encore 
Music Again – encore 



Date: 22 January 2013
Venue: The Boiler Room @ St. James Power Station


Managed to get early bird tickets and I was totally anticipating the gig! Opening acts include local bands Rancour and Plainsunset which kept the crowd yearning and wild – the body-surfing began as well as the shoving! I have been shoved before but not with such vigour. It was a different experience.

At around 2100hrs, The Ataris came out! Kris Roe! To be honest, I could just stand and savour the moment they opened with “In This Diary” and the awesome, acoustic version of “The Saddest Song” during Roe’s solo moment. Ah, my life is complete!


By the end of the show, it was obvious the crowd hasn’t had enough of the band so the organizers did an impromptu (?) autograph session outside the Boiler Room. Band merchandise were snapped up and those who didn’t have cash to buy them, the band members actually autographed on their pamphlets. How thoughtful!


I bought their “Port of Astoria” t-shirt (in a unique shade of blue) and THE BAND MEMBERS AUTOGRAPHED IT! My first autographed t-shirt! This is now one of my prized possessions! I also managed to snap a picture with Kris Roe himself! Ah, the band members are such nice people! I was also impressed by their new drummer, Eric Perkins (I shook his hand too!) and wished I took a photo with him. Anyway, he drums really well and his arms seem liked drumsticks too!



Date: 22 October 2012
Venue: Fort Canning Park

**Sorry for the late update, it’s been a crazy week!**


Well, even if I couldn’t sing every song backwards, I couldn’t miss it! It was unnerving at first because first there were whispers of a concert date, then there were none! But luckily, they confirmed a date and thank you LAMC Productions for bring them in! With an experienced and well-known organizer like LAMC, you can be sure that there will be tour merchandise! I got myself a JoBros t-shirt and a dog tag!

The multi-talented Nick Jonas

Well, there were A LOT OF SCREAMING going on until I stopped screaming myself because all I could hear were my ringing ears when the music stopped. I guess as concerts go, it’s a good thing.

They sang some new songs from their upcoming album and one of the catchy ones was “Let’s Go”! But the crowd went REALLY WILD when they sang “Lovebug”, “SOS” and “Burnin’ Up”. I mean, they were not singing anymore, they were shouting the lyrics! All these (very) young girls are so dedicated!

As the concert progressed, the heat was getting to them and Nick took off his vest and Joe took off… his jacket. I heard girls screaming “Joe, take off your shirt!” many, many times. I bet those girls went cray-cray when Joe jumped off the stage!

I got a torn-up piece of setlist but I don’t care! It’s the first setlist I’ve gotten!

When You Look Me In The Eyes
Much Better
Goodnight and Goodbye
That’s Just The Way We Roll
Fly With Me
Give Love A Try
Gotta Find You
Just In Love
Who I Am
Let’s Go
Like The First Time
Still In Love
BB Good
Last Time Around
Pushin’ Me Away
Hello Beautiful
We Are Young
Wedding Bells
Burnin’ Up – encore 


Date: 30 September 2012
Venue: Max Pavilion, Singapore Expo

Keane was back in Singapore last night!

“Let’s go down to the rides on East Parade
By the lights of the Palace Arcade
And watch night coming down on the Sovereign Light Café

Let’s go down to the bandstand on the pier
Watch the drunks and the lovers appear
To take turns as the stars of the Sovereign Light Café”

I was really looking forward to the concert because their concert back in 2009 was one of the best live concerts I have ever experienced. Hopes and Fears is one of my favourite albums and Under The Iron Sea was a really strong influence during a low part of my life.

Imagine my disappointment 1) when I didn’t see any tour merchandise on sale and 2) when I saw the super large hall and my Category 2 seats half a hall away from the stage. I could have cried if I wanted to. “Thanks” to the organizer – Trilogy Live. I think I don’t just speak for myself when I say the entire Category 2 seaters were disappointed. If I had bought Category 3 (which means I can only see Tom Chaplin like you can see a bird flying up in the sky), I might just kill myself. It is that bad. I saw lots of people asking the ushers going back out to check for extra tickets to the standing pen.

When the concert started, of course people started running to the barricade to get a better view of the band. You don’t even sit so far when watching TV. But those ushers got security to chase them away and I guess if all of us wanted to storm through, we could. What the hell! The standing pen wasn’t even half-filled. My photos and videos were really shitty because the maximum zoom couldn’t do much. I mean, next time, even if I have to eat gruel for a month, I will buy Category 1 tickets!

Tom Chaplin: I’m sorry we have to perform in this giant shed!

Enough of my grumbles and back to the concert!

Tom Chaplin sounds amazing! I don’t know how many times I have said this but his voice really sounds amazing! Even all the way from the back! I just wish I could see Tim Rice-Oxley fingers on the keyboard.

I love that they went “Classic Keane” on their latest album, Strangeland. I really love the part where Tom Chaplin sings shalalala~on “Sovereign Light Cafe” – did I mention how amazing his voice sounds? – and tracks like “On The Road” and “The Starting Line”. No Keane concert would be complete without “Somewhere Only We Know” and “Everybody’s Changing”. Though I could hear the crowd singing during SOWK, it wasn’t as magical as the Fort Canning Park experience. Sorry, but nothing tops that – though The Script’s The Man Who Can’t Be Moved is a close second.

You Are Young
Bend and Break
Day Will Come
Nothing In My Way
We Might As Well Be Strangers
The Lovers Are Losing
Silenced By The Night
Everybody’s Changing
Stop For A Minute
The Starting Line
Your Eyes Open
Strangeland – snippet
On The Road
A Bad Dream
This Is The Last Time
Somewhere Only We Know
Is It Any Wonder?
Sea Fog – encore
Sovereign Light Cafe – encore
Crystal Ball – encore