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Well, I spent lots of this year listening to old songs – rediscovering old gems I didn’t know I had as well as classics that I wasn’t exposed to earlier. OMG, who knew Foreigner sounded so good?

2012 has been a good year for concerts and lots of what I listened to depended on the concerts I was going. I think the most memorable was the GREATEST HITS CONCERT back in February. a1! The last three days of February was madness and I didn’t regret a minute of it. Plus, I am now the proud owner of TWO autographed albums by a1!

The London Olympics brought back my love of the Spice Girls and the notion of GIRL POWER! Also from UK – One Direction! Liam Payne!!!

Though I have not started watching Season 4 of Glee but I still listen to the songs each week and needless to say, I love their songs from their Grease-inspired episode, Glease. OMG Darren Criss still sounds so good and I love every song from his mouth. #20 is a tribute to him.

Lastly, movie soundtracks! Rock of Ages introduced good ol’ classic rock and Pitch Perfect was aca-madness! Skylar Astin’s voice as well as Anna Kendrick’s performance of ‘Cups’. And, the introduction of Foreigner! They have been featured in several episodes of Supernatural but I didn’t really notice them till now.


  1. Keane – Sovereign Light Cafe / On The Road / Disconnected
  2. Snow Patrol – Called Out In The Dark / The Weight Of Love
  3. One Direction – One Thing / I Wish / Save You Tonight
  4. Train – Drive By
  5. Parachute – Kiss Me Slowly
  6. Gotye Featuring Kimbra – Somebody I Used To Know
  7. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
  8. .fun – Some Nights
  9. Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait
  10. The Cab – La La
  11. David Guetta featuring Sia – Titanium
  12. Matt Nathanson featuring Sugarland – Run
  13. All Time Low – Time-Bomb
  14. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
  15. 98 Degrees – The Hardest Thing / Invisible Man
  16. a1 – One Last Song / Walking In The Rain
  17. Bruno Mars – Runaway Baby
  18. Foreigner – Feels Like The First Time / Waiting For A Girl Like You
  19. Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks
  20. Glee Cast – Hungry Like The Wolf_Rio / Fighter / Boys_Boyfriend / Don’t Speak / The Scientist / Hopelessly Devoted To You / Beauty School Dropout






Date: 30 September 2012
Venue: Max Pavilion, Singapore Expo

Keane was back in Singapore last night!

“Let’s go down to the rides on East Parade
By the lights of the Palace Arcade
And watch night coming down on the Sovereign Light Café

Let’s go down to the bandstand on the pier
Watch the drunks and the lovers appear
To take turns as the stars of the Sovereign Light Café”

I was really looking forward to the concert because their concert back in 2009 was one of the best live concerts I have ever experienced. Hopes and Fears is one of my favourite albums and Under The Iron Sea was a really strong influence during a low part of my life.

Imagine my disappointment 1) when I didn’t see any tour merchandise on sale and 2) when I saw the super large hall and my Category 2 seats half a hall away from the stage. I could have cried if I wanted to. “Thanks” to the organizer – Trilogy Live. I think I don’t just speak for myself when I say the entire Category 2 seaters were disappointed. If I had bought Category 3 (which means I can only see Tom Chaplin like you can see a bird flying up in the sky), I might just kill myself. It is that bad. I saw lots of people asking the ushers going back out to check for extra tickets to the standing pen.

When the concert started, of course people started running to the barricade to get a better view of the band. You don’t even sit so far when watching TV. But those ushers got security to chase them away and I guess if all of us wanted to storm through, we could. What the hell! The standing pen wasn’t even half-filled. My photos and videos were really shitty because the maximum zoom couldn’t do much. I mean, next time, even if I have to eat gruel for a month, I will buy Category 1 tickets!

Tom Chaplin: I’m sorry we have to perform in this giant shed!

Enough of my grumbles and back to the concert!

Tom Chaplin sounds amazing! I don’t know how many times I have said this but his voice really sounds amazing! Even all the way from the back! I just wish I could see Tim Rice-Oxley fingers on the keyboard.

I love that they went “Classic Keane” on their latest album, Strangeland. I really love the part where Tom Chaplin sings shalalala~on “Sovereign Light Cafe” – did I mention how amazing his voice sounds? – and tracks like “On The Road” and “The Starting Line”. No Keane concert would be complete without “Somewhere Only We Know” and “Everybody’s Changing”. Though I could hear the crowd singing during SOWK, it wasn’t as magical as the Fort Canning Park experience. Sorry, but nothing tops that – though The Script’s The Man Who Can’t Be Moved is a close second.

You Are Young
Bend and Break
Day Will Come
Nothing In My Way
We Might As Well Be Strangers
The Lovers Are Losing
Silenced By The Night
Everybody’s Changing
Stop For A Minute
The Starting Line
Your Eyes Open
Strangeland – snippet
On The Road
A Bad Dream
This Is The Last Time
Somewhere Only We Know
Is It Any Wonder?
Sea Fog – encore
Sovereign Light Cafe – encore
Crystal Ball – encore 


I heard The Killers’ Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Remix) earlier on 98.7FM and it reminded me when their Singapore concert was cancelled.

I have avoided listening their songs because it doesn’t quite feel the same anymore. The only time is on radio or when my iPod randomly shuffles songs.

On that dreaded day, I was watching Rabbit Without Ears (Keinohrhasen), a German film starring Til Schweiger (Inglourious Basterds) and I was pleasantly surprised when the above-mentioned song from The Killers played during the credits! I was like, “this is such a coincidence!”. But the German movie surprisingly also featured Keane’s Everybody’s Changing. I think less than five minutes later, I came across the news that the concert was cancelled! Ahh, the anguish!

But I think I’m glad they didn’t do a Tom Jones. First he sang two songs, then when it was rescheduled, he cancelled it. Double anguish. Ouch.


Date: 13 August 2009
Venue: Cox Terrace, Fort Canning Park

“And if you have a minute why don’t we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know
This could be the end of everything
So why don’t we go
Somewhere only we know”

OMG, I went for the Keane concert!

It was a rather last minute decision but it was also constantly bugging my mind so I’m really, really glad I went for it. Even though I only knew a maximum of 10 songs in all their three albums. Reached there slightly after 6PM but the queue was much shorter and we managed to get good spots quite near the stage.

Local band, The Fire Fight, and a French band fronted by Cyril Niccolai opened for Keane. The Fire Fight was good! Yay, support local music!

Keane appeared at 9.30PM! The crowd were pretty warmed up by then and there was no pushing/shoving! That goes to show that my theory of “people who like bands are more cultured” is proven – kind of. Loved their opening song (The Lovers Are Losing), which is one of my favourites from their Perfect Symmetry album.

Heard there were about 6,000 people out there but we definitely sounded LOUDER and BETTER than the 10,000 people the day before!

Songs they performed include: The Lovers Are Losing; Everybody’s Changing; Bend And Break; We Might As Well Be Strangers; Again And Again; This Is The Last Time; Spiralling; Your Eyes Open (Tom Chaplin solo); Try Again; You Haven’t Told Me Anything; Leaving So Soon?; Nothing In My Way; You Don’t See Me; Perfect Symmetry; Somewhere Only We Know; Crystal Ball; Atlantic; Is It Any Wonder?; Bedshaped; Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie cover)

Tom Chaplin – Vocals, guitar
Tim Rice-Oxley – Keyboard
Richard Hughes – Drums
Jesse Quin – Bass guitar, percussion

During some parts of the concert when they were playing some of their newer songs, the crowd was relatively quieter but was still very high! In fact, Tom Chaplin was bursting with energy for every song and it was evident from his soaking shirt. Tim Rice-Oxley was also very energetic, banging his head and feet to the music just like a guitarist headbangs.

Tom walked to the edges of the stage and practically accelerated the crowd’s heartrate when he broke across the barrier to shake hands and get closer to the fans!

My favourite part would be when they finally performed Somewhere Only We Knowmy favourite Keane song! Everyone knew the lyrics and Tom just let us sing! OMG, I could cry tears of joy if I wasn’t that into the song…

“I walked across an empty land,
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand.
I felt the earth beneath my feet,
Sat by the river and it made me complete…”

The best thing was that they came back for the encore TWICE! All the chanting/shouting of “Keane, Keane, Keane…”, “We want more’s” and “Encore, encore…” really helps. I was especially surprised/happy when when they returned the second time and did the cover of Queen’s Under Pressure. The crowd practically squeezed tighter and got closer to the stage!

One and a half hours of solid performance and good times! Best concert experience ever!

Keane, please keep your promise to come back to Singapore!!!

(First published August 15, 2009 at 01:55AM @ mEnTaL bLoG)