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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

In this fourth instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Jack Sparrow is back and this time, he’s searching for the Fountain of Youth. He’s onboard Blackbeard’s ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, with his former lover and Blackbeard’s long-lost daughter, Angelica (Penelope Cruz). However, they are not alone – Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) and the Spaniards are also after the elusive fountain.

Jack Sparrow: You know that feeling you get when you’re standing in a high place… sudden urge to jump?… I don’t have it. 

Well, the POTC series does feel different without Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley but I guess I’m pretty satisfied as long as Johnny Depp’s in it! And I liked that he said “Savvy?”! There’s plenty of action, fighting and romance! I didn’t really like the “stirrings” between Jack Sparrow and Angelica but I dig the one between Philip and Syrena! I think Philip is the fittest missionary around – Hello, HE HAS ABS!

The mermaids were nothing like Ariel but more like Jaws so do not be deceived! The action and fighting is good but not as thrilling as those in the previous films. And I spotted another handsome guy – the Spaniard is played by Oscar Jaenada, who was the sniper in The Losers!

Stay till the end of the credits for an extra scene!

3 and a half out of 5 stars

And there’s an exclusive POTC collection from OPI! I love Sparrow Me The Drama! Actually I love the entire collection! 🙂

Skull & Glossbones
Best light gray ever, no bones about it.

Mermaid’s Tears
Few have seen this magical green.

Steady as She Rose
This gorgeous pink is your final destination.

Planks a Lot
Dive into style with this lustworthy purple!

Sparrow Me the Drama
This cool, collected pink means business!

Stranger Tides
Explore this uncharted sea of sage.

Silver Shatter
A shimmering sea of silver with a two-texture finish.



Red, Pink, Green? The Meaning of Nail Polish: What Does Your Color Say About You?

Do you think that the color you choose to paint on your nails is merely a reflection of a color you think is pretty? Well, perhaps you should think again.

When you see someone with bright red nail polish, you make a judgment about that person. It may be consciously or subconsciously, but a judgment is made, nonetheless. What about when you see someone wearing black nail polish? I think you see my point.

So, before you give yourself a manicure (or have a professional do it for you), think about what impression you want to make on people. Here’s a run-down of what different nail colors say about the wearer.

Your Nail Polish Color Palette

Fire-Engine Red: You’re sassy, self-assured, and not afraid to be dramatic. Bright red is a bold, look-at-me color that is a symbol for passion, fire, and confidence. You love the spotlight, and you take charge of situations.

Hot Pink: You’re spunky and energetic. Pink is a color that is associated specifically with women, and hot pink lets you show your spunk and spice.

Pale Pink: Painting your nails pale pink is a subtle expression. You are likely quiet, or at least you don’t want to stand out, and youthful. Pale pink is not significantly different from the color of your nails (if you’re Caucasian), but you still want to show your soft side.

Black: Painting your nails black is a classic symbol of anti-establishment. It doesn’t mean you are depressed or going goth, but it’s a way of rebelling against the norm and showing some of the darkness in your personality.

Navy Blue: This is a color of sophistication and authority. Wearing this color on your nails tells people to listen up, because you’re in charge.

Aqua (Light) Blue: You’re showing the youthful and calm side of your personality when you paint your nails a light blue. Aqua is a cool color, a nonchalant color.

French Manicure: You are glamorous and professional. You don’t need a whole new color; your nails look good as they are, and you simply emphasize and define yourself.

Magenta: A combination of the reds, pinks, and purples, magenta is feminine but not flashy. You are vibrant and youthful, but you don’t need to be the center of attention at all times.

Orange: This color is bright and vibrant, for people who want attention drawn to them. It also symbolizes autumn and the changing seasons: a time of brightness and change.

Dark Brown: A dark and rich color, this shade of brown indicates boldness and authority. You like your nails like you like your men. Just kidding.

Maroon: Maroon is a warm color, a combo of red and purple, retaining the authority of red and the confidence of purple. It’s a mature, sophisticated color that, when worn on your nails, invites respect.

Coffee-Colored: You are earthy and energetic. Tan and light brown are earth tones, cool colors that bring you closer to Mother Nature.

Green: This color invokes images of vigor and the environment. Going “green” in your nail polish exudes earthiness and spunk.

Deep Purple: Purple is the color of royalty. Wearing it on your nails shows you have a confident personality, and you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Lavender: You are graceful and collected. A combination of pink and purple, lavender is feminine and confident without the youthfulness of pure pink.

(Obviously, those indented are my FAVOURITES!)


Burlesque is about Ali (Christina Aguilera), a small town Iowa girl who dreams of being a singer. She leaves for Los Angeles and stumbles across Burlesque, a club that is an inspired musical revue. Ali dreams of joining the crew and starts her path from the bar to the stage. She impresses Tess (Cher) with her voice and becomes Burlesque’s main attraction, restoring the club to its former glory.

Despite its lacklustre reviews, the movie is actually quite a nice watch. Christina Aguilera is amazing as usual, her voice is soulful and rich and I think she should stick to her Stripped and Back to Basics days because it works for her. Bionic just didn’t work out. She co-wrote four songs from the soundtrack and I liked the energetic “Show Me How You Burlesque”. There’s plenty of sequins and glitter in their costumes and it’s all bright bulbs and strobe lighting so the each time a song comes up, you can’t look away. Plus, there’s Cam Gigandet in a yummy role and OMG he wears eyeliner! Eric Dane aka McSteamy is McDoucheBag in this role so there’s not much to watch. 3 and a half out of 5 stars.

The OPI Burlesque Shimmers and Glitters Collection

As at time of post, Diane Warren won Best Original Song for “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me” performed by Cher at the 68th Golden Globes Awards.


Got my parcel from eBay last week and it contained my OPI nail polishes! OMG! So happy!

Introducing (from left to right):

  1. No Spain No Gain
  2. Ski Teal We Drop
  3. Pamplona Purple
  4. Diva Of Geneva

1 and 3 are from the OPI Coleccion de España (Fall 2009), while 2 and 4 are from the OPI Swiss Collection (Fall 2010).

Such pretty shades! 😀



Found this lovely picture HERE and it reminds me of how I failed to paint a nice yellow strip over my toenails this afternoon! Sigh, this is why I prefer solid and wacky colours.

This is pretty good inspiration – only her left pinkie though.


Woohoo! Made a trip to City Square Mall, Singapore’s first eco-mall, about two weeks ago. The shops are mostly the same and I have the feeling that the new malls that are sprouting all over Singapore have similar shops. But I’m still anticipating Bedok Mall because it will be so near.

Anyway, I chanced upon OPI nail polishes in Metro! I think I SAW THE ENTIRE SHELF FULL OF NAIL POLISH, WITH SO MANY GRADIENTS OF COLOURS. It is NAIL POLISH HEAVEN! At $23.55 per bottle, and even with the 20% discount, it is still quite expensive compared to what I have. But I couldn’t resist! I got this Suede shade, which looks really pretty! You can check HERE to see how it looks. 

OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede

I actually saw another shade of green (which I don’t have) and got my sister to get it the next day! OMG it’s so pretty too! You can check HERE to see how it looks. Pretty, unique jade green!

OPI Jade Is The New Black

Then, there is the mailbox surprise! Thanks SZ!

And I made a discovery on Monday! I got another tote bag!