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– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

The sequel to the 2009 hit is just as exciting because Holmes is against his most cunning adversary, Dr. James Moriarty.

Holmes is as crazy as usual, probably even more since Watson getting married.  His obssession with camouflage is outrageous – he makes his own costumes, dons wigs and makeup and even a dress! Watson is ever loyal to Holmes, even though he knows Holmes is devastated that he’s getting married.

There is a shortlived cameo by Rachel McAdams, who always looks radiant and beautiful. I just adore her dress! I adore the colour of the dress! I adore her! Noomi Rapace plays a gypsy who gets caught up in Moriarty’s plan for world domination.

One thing I liked about this update on Sherlock Holmes is that Holmes is really skilled in martial arts and I love those scenes where he analyzes his next move, his surroundings and his opponents. Very sharp and quick thinking there. Speaking of an update of Sherlock Holmes, I can’t wait to watch BBC’s Sherlock because of Benedict Cumberbatch!

Sherlock Holmes: They’re dangerous at both ends and… crafty in the middle. Why would I want anything with a mind of its own bobbing about between my legs?



— 2 and a half out of 5 stars

The trailer for this was really funny but it seems most of the movie was in the trailer. The part where I remembered I laughed the most was when both Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman peed on everything in their way during the blackout. Yup, peeing in the dark is very funny.

— 3 and a half out of 5 stars

I watched this because Rachel McAdams was in it and she was under-used because she plays some superficial fiancée to Owen Wilson’s character and I’m telling you she can do so much better than that. But she looked really beautiful! Parisian chic!

Paris really does look magical as midnight and I would love for a chance to walk in the rain (preferably light drizzle) over there. I liked it when Gil (Wilson) met Ernest Hemingway and Salvador Dalí. The former for his wit and the latter because he could not stop talking about rhinoceroses.

— 4 out of 5 stars

The book made me cry and so did the movie.

I really liked Jim Sturgess’ performance in here… he made me cry (!) and makes me want to watch all the other movies he’s been in. And even though I’ve read many reviews saying Anne Hathaway’s English accent sucked, I still liked her as Emma. In fact, when I was reading the book, she came to mind quite often. But I’ve got to say I liked the book better because it’s been a long time since I read a book that made me cry. For those who are not into reading though, the movie would be good enough.

Lovin’ all the scenes on 15 July 1988. So much hope, so much promise.

— 4 out of 5 stars

I went in thinking it wouldn’t be as nice as the original but I was wrong. I loved it! Kenny Wormald dances really well! OMG Kenny Wormald is amazing! They modified the premise of the movie so that it wouldn’t be too cheesy to watch it in modern times. FYI: the hairs on my arms were standing at the start of the original Footloose. But Kevin Bacon was kinda wow.

Anyway, it turned out all right and I really enjoyed the scenes when Ren (Wormald) was teaching Willard (Miles Teller) how to dance! Miles Teller reminds me of a young John Cusack somehow? And yes, I have to say it again – Kenny Wormald really dances like WOAH! So WOAH! that I Youtubed him that night and watched his dance scenes from You Got Served (which also had Harry Shum Jr. and Robert Hoffman – dancer-actors united!) and Center Stage: Turn It Up.

Here’s one of my favourite scenes and songs from the movie: (LINE DANCING!)

— 4 out of 5 stars

Emma Stone stars as Eugenia ‘Skeeter’ Pheelan, an aspiring writer in the 1960s who decides to write a book from the point of the help – African-American maids who work for white families.

I’m really glad I managed to catch this show before the end of its run because I don’t think I can find time to finish this book-bricks of book-bricks. It really showcased the strength of these women; how much they had to endure under white supremacists, the pride they had to swallow and their sacrifices. Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer were brilliant as Aibileen and Minny (especially Minny’s chocolate pie!). The story of how Constantine left Skeeter’s household was really sad and particularly so because these maids were the ones who brought up their employer’s kids while their own kids were left under the care of others.

— 4 out of 5 stars

Actually this is the first time I’ve seen The Lion King. I read the storybook when I was younger but I didn’t get a chance to see it till now… in 3D! Honestly, I was watching it for the story not the 3D effects and my favourite characters are Timon and Pumbaa! They sing about no worries for the rest of the day and eat slimy worms! Disney really made good (and earned lots of money) re-releasing this in 3D – I can’t wait for Beauty and the Beast to be re-released!

Anyway, I caught the Pilot of Modern Family recently and now I can’t seem to get the Lion King soundtrack out of my head from that pivotal scene of  Rafiki presenting Simba and Cameron presenting Lily Tucker-Pritchett.


Morning Glory stars Rachel McAdams as Becky Fuller, an aspiring news producer who gets dismissed from her job due to budget cuts. She takes up the role of executive producer of DayBreak, a flailing morning show that suffers from poor ratings due to fierce competition from other networks. Add a reluctant veteran news journalist Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford), who refuses to report anything that are not “real” news and goes against co-host Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton) at every turn, Becky has her hands full trying to do her job and save the show.

Becky Fuller: Yes! I’m calling about the one-bedroom. Yes! I’m moving into town, I’ve got a new job! I’m extremely neat and tidy. In summer camp, the kids used to pay me to make their beds. (laughs) I’m sorry that was an over-share. No loud music. No kids. I don’t even have a boyfriend! Just me! I’ll take it! (jumps up and down) I’ll take it. I’ll take it. I’ll take it!

OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE! And it’s not just because Rachel McAdams is in it. I liked how the story played out and the ending as well – especially the scene when Mike made his frittata! Rachel McAdams was a total Energizer bunny in the movie – it’s the first time I’ve ever seen her like that and I wouldn’t mind doing it again. She kinda bumbles her way around Adam (Patrick Wilson), her love interest, and I liked how she tried to mime because she was too nervous to speak. Her efforts to drive up ratings were hilarious like how weatherman Ernie had to do stunts while reporting the weather and the various animals involved when Colleen was on the show. The constant battle of words and ego between Mike and Colleen is another must-watch, like when they fight over who gets to say the last goodbye. Plus, there’s even a cameo of 50 Cent! Last but not least, I love Rachel McAdams’ wardrobe! Very classic and simple pieces of a working girl. 4 out of 5 stars!

Becky Fuller: Look, my radar for that kind of thing is so bad. I mean, I don’t know if a man’s interested in me until he’s naked. I mean, the pants come off and then I’m like “I guess you don’t really want to see my CD collection or talk about Kerouac.”

MTV.com: Rule The Office In ‘Morning Glory’ Style: The Working Girl’s Essentials