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That was the title of the Ingrid Michaelson song I was listening to when the seemingly harmless page loaded on my phone.

And I even had a pretty dark playlist earlier on:

  1. The Killers – Smile Like You Mean It
  2. Chairlift – Bruises
  3. Ryan Cabrera – 40 Kinds Of Sadness
  4. Eminem featuring Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie
  5. Tokio Hotel – Dark Side Of The Sun
  6. The Black Keys – Chop And Change
  7. Brandon Flowers – Crossfire
  8. Band Of Skulls – Friends
  9. Paramore – Brick By Boring Brick
  10. Taking Back Sunday – Twenty-twenty Surgery





I was feeling really anxious this morning – cannot sit still and memorise those damn cases for LBO, thinking about what movies/TV shows to catch up after exams, what music to add to my iPod, what to eat for lunch, etc. My mind was really going places, but in actual fact, my butt was slowly taking the shape of my chair. Oh, the horror!

But after LBO today, I think my heart rarely made a bleep. I think it’s because I forgot the name of one case and I even went through the entire alphabet (in my mind) to try to trigger my memories about the case. Hesistantly wrote the letter ‘S’ before time was up and I kinda hurried to my bag to find the answer! Sidebottom v Kershaw! Ahhh! I realized I forgot some other cases and merged some details of my own but I think it should be okay, if the marker was drunk.

The real embarrassing thing happened on Wednesday, because I sat at the wrong table! All the while, I didn’t know how people could sit at the wrong tables and now it has happened to me. But luckily, that guy was being really nice about it and even wished me “good luck”! Too bad I didn’t say anything except “sorry” cos I was trying to recall the conclusion for one of the essays. But I realized I didn’t add the equation for delegated monitoring! No wonder my essay looked “equation-less”. So now, I’ll write it here: “K+D < min [S, mK]” because it seems to be burnt onto the surface of my mind ever since I realized I didn’t write it down.

Yup, I’ll quit ranting for now and stop writing down here what I didn’t write on my script. I’m gonna go smell the scent of freedom now. *deep breaths*


Last day of school today!

Tomorrow will be the first day of May and then the single-digit countdown to my finals begins… This is my most unprepared year ever, so while there’s still 10 DAYS LEFT, I’d better go! Wish me luck!

But before I go, here’s my latest favourite song – Need You Now by Lady Antebellum! Purposely tuned in to American Idol (Season 9) Country Week – Results Show last night just to see them perform!


No thanks to my straying mind, I’m not on my books!


Old habits die hard.

  1. I painted all 20 of my nails in red two days ago in the hopes of focusing on my never-ending stacks of notes.
  2. I created a couple of playlists on my iPod yesterday because I put in new songs and wanted a perfect playlist that suited my moods.
  3. Twitter
  4. Bejewelled Blitz on Facebook

Anyway, I was surfing Japan Trend Shop – they have all sorts of gadgets, though I’m not sure if they are really needed in real life. Some are really useful, while most of them are just cute. Just watching the demonstration clips on Youtube takes a lot of time.

Interesting items include Itazura Bank (each time you put a coin on the plate, the cat meows and takes the coin into the savings bank!); R2D2 USB Hub (it really beeps and spins its head when it’s plugged into the PC!); Lightsabre chopsticks; Fireworks projector etc.

Of course, they have some not-so-useful, but novel items like the Pasta Maker (if I had to make pasta from scratch like that, I’d die from hunger or maybe just attack the plain lump of flour – it’s super tedious!); Cake Maker (same tedious process because the container is so small!) and a lot of other cute-but-requires-tedious-process items.

(Yup, I realized I’m still some sort of Star Wars geek.)

To end of this post, I shall post the live video of High Times by Landon Pigg featuring Turbo Fruits from the Whip It OST. It’s starting to grow on me.

Okay, time to head back to LBO.


Hurray! I completed my final weekend UOL revision class this afternoon!

Had MSM revision and my lecturer is really amusing! He gave out $2 for one question answered yesterday and I think that guy was stunned, as were the other students. Today, he tore out some paper from the subject guide to illustrate the fact that we can skip some topics while revising. Then, he threw the paper bits over the two girls like it was wedding confetti. LOL. 

This is madness. Time is running out!


A review of my past entries showed more movie reviews than anything but I’m still glad. Exams are in less than a month’s time and I’m making more time out to catch my movies before they are out of the cinemas. Yup, my priorities along with everything else is seriously screwed.

I don’t really understand nor like those finance and investment stuff like VaR and immunization. I have lesser and lesser tolerance and memory for theories and even if I can remember them, they aren’t really relevant. Hopefully in these 20-odd days, I become a genius and fully comprehend everything and write something substantial in my answer scripts.

Because sometimes I don’t get why is there a need to get so high.

Let me fly
Man I need a release from this troublesome mind
Fix my feet when they’re stumbling
And well you know it hurts sometimes
You know it’s gonna bleed sometimes


Woohoo! My Prelims are finally over!

Quite surprised at myself because I took quite a long time to complete my FI paper even though I spotted topics. But in the end, I invented a few theories of my own. Well, I’m gonna hope for the best for the finals in May!

Looking serious and sexy, with a bit of stubble.

Before I forget, today is Adam Levine’s birthday!