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Sam: Is everything a Bob Seger song to you?
Dean: Yes.

Loved the Winchester brothers singing in their Impala.



Chanced upon an article on binge-watching on Entertainment Weekly recently and I realized why it is still my favourite source of entertainment news… it has put a name to my “hobby”!

There are other binge-watching related articles on EW.com, such as:

So anyway, I would just like to share my binge-watching experience!


I saw this on and off during my school days and it kickstarted my adoration for Jared Padalecki (not too keen on his character development on Gilmore Girls, though). When school finally ended, I took the opportunity to finish all SEVEN seasons. I borrowed the entire DVD collection from NLB, by the way.

I’m always fascinated by the relationship Lorelai and Rory have and wished I talked as fast and witty as either of them and had someone to spar my pop culture knowledge with.


Sadly, Singapore didn’t broadcast Supernatural past season 2 and my emotional well-being was left hanging in the balance after what took place after Sam’s ordeal. Since I didn’t watch every episode, I started from the pilot till season 4 and got caught up in the ‘Sam died’, ‘Dean went to hell and came back’ and ‘who is Castiel?’ questions along with the fandom.

It was rewarding and it is still my favourite show on TV. There’s mythical lore, brotherly love, funny meta-episodes and people to root for (very important factor). It can be quite painful to watch week by week but that is TV.


Catching up on five seasons of this was not easy. If you’re not crying about the lead character’s complicated and tragedy-filled life, you’re crying about the patients caught in the worst possible position ever. Not to mention all the action going on in the on-call room. Still the most addictive medical drama I watch.


Finally caught up with Castle all the way to the season 4 finale last year. The chemistry between Castle and Beckett is magnetic and I was so glad for the season 4 finale! There are interesting cases – vampires, zombies, ghosts, Bigfoot that help fuel Castle’s imaginative mind and frustrate Beckett who believes in facts and evidence. Cannot wait for season 6!



Polished two seasons of it over one weekend and my life was changed (for the week after). Matthew and Mary! How can two people lead such frustratingly connected lives and not be together! The 2011 Christmas episode served to be the best and I dread watching season 3 and the 2012 Christmas episode for fear of what it would do to my dream for Matthew and Mary.


Dean Winchester: Sammy, I think we found a batcave.

Dean Winchester: I thought I was being followed earlier, but it turned out to be a gay thing.


spn812-1Henry Winchester: You’re Men of Letters, correct?
Dean Winchester: I’m a little rusty on my boy bands, Men of what?

Henry Winchester: You’re also Winchesters. As long as we are alive, there’s always hope.


Dean Winchester: In fact, every relationship I’ve ever had has gone to crap at some point. But the one thing I can say about Benny? He has never let me down.
Sam Winchester: Well, good on you, Dean. Must feel great finally finding someone you can trust after all these years.

Sammy is heartbroken. 😥


Amelia: (on Sam) I knew there was something off about you with your creepy Army-Navy and your sideburns!

Benny: And this is the crazy aunt I want to take on the road?
Castiel: I am not your aunt.
Benny: What? Really?
Castiel: I have no possible relationship to your sibling offspring.
Benny: Now you’re kidding me.
Dean Winchester: Oh, you two are killing me!


Mama Tran: Kevin, average Blue Book on a 2010 Ferrari F430 Spider?
Kevin Tran: $217,000.
Mama Tran: And the 5 percent Wyoming tax?
Sam Winchester: $10,850.

Finally, a showcase of sexy Sam’s sexy brains and another glimpse of that tattoo!