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Raylan Givens: What do you make of a man, who divorced his woman, then makes her pregnant, then wonders maybe they should move in together?
Boyd Crowder: Well now Raylan, you’re talking to a man who’s sleeping with his dead brother’s widow and murderess. So if you’re looking for someone to cast stones at you in this matter, I think you’ve picked the wrong sinner.



Win Win (2011)

Mike Flaherty (Paul Giamatti) is a small time attorney in New Jersey who teaches high school wrestling to support his family. When an opportunity arises at work that allows him to lighten his burden to support his family, he takes it. Complications arise when a teenager, Kyle Timmons (Alex Shaffer), arrives in town.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen wrestling in movies before and this really opened my eyes. Alex Shaffer is such a skinny kid but boy, he can really wrestle! The title of this post is named after his signature move. It was really exciting to see the other wrestlers use Kyle’s move. But it’s not all about wrestling though Kyle’s involvement made Flaherty’s team shine brighter than it ever did.

Most importantly, Kyle’s purpose in New Jersey traces back to Flaherty’s case and it all boils down to making the morally right choice. From then on, the movie was rather predictable but I guess it’s the way to go since you want it to end the way it should. Alex Shaffer really brought out how a teenager should be – one-syllable responses and in the final scene, a silent act of acceptance that tries not be to be a big deal. I was pleasantly surprised to see Margo Martindale in the movie! Congrats on her Best Supporting Actress nomination for Justified at this year’s Emmys!

3 and a half out of 5 stars


It’s the season finale! OMG why does every season finale of Justified has to be so mind-blowing and bittersweet at the same time?

Raylan Givens: Dickie, I didn’t pull the trigger, but I’ll sleep like a baby knowing he will.

Boyd Crowder: Are you asking me or are you telling me?
Raylan Givens: Well, if it makes you feel better, you can tell people I asked.

Raylan Givens: Doyle, I need you and your boys to put your guns down.
Doyle Bennett: And why would we do that?
Raylan Givens: Maybe you don’t wanna see your brother’s brains fly through the air.

Art Mullens: Drop your weapons or you will be shot. Assume the position now. Do you dumbass peckerwoods understand English? On the ground, hillbillies. NOW!

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Tim Gutterson: I am here to keep you alive, not help you shop.
Raylan Givens: I ain’t asking for your help…
Tim GuttersonIt’s from the movie. She asks Costner to hand her her jacket.
Raylan Givens: Well, if you start singing that song, I am gonna make a run for it right now.
Tim Gutterson: I’ll do the Dolly Parton version.

Raylan Givens: (to Duffy) As long as you understand that next time we have this conversation, it won’t be a conversation.


Raylan Givens: Let me tell you something, when someone says “it ain’t you, it’s me”, they mean it’s you.

Raylan Givens: I didn’t help you because I’m an outlaw, I helped you because I’m in love with you.


Boyd Crowder: What’s the plan?
Raylan Givens: The plan is, if Miss Johnson sees anything that spooks her, she gets down behind the podium fast. And she stays down.
Boyd Crowder: Well, what do you want me to do?
Raylan Givens: You…? If you see anyone pull a gun, step in front of it.

Raylan Givens: If anyone comes through that door, you shoot ’em… (Arlo cocks the gun) Unless it’s me.


Boyd Crowder: Raylan. Raylan, I would never presume to tell you how to do your job and I understand that I am very new in this security game. However, I have spent a considerable amount of time hiding explosives. Now if you would like, I’d be more than happy to walk around here with you , show you where would I hide mine, in case there might be a place that you might miss.

Carolyn Johnson: So deputy, what do you think. can I trust Boyd here to have my back?
Raylan Givens: Well, I’m an officer of the law and in a court of law. While not sworn in, I do feel compelled to tell you the truth.
Boyd Crowder: Truth is the best policy.
Raylan Givens: The truth is, I don’t know if you can trust Boyd to have your back but well, he has tried to kill me, and I have shot him, and imprisoned him and I wouldn’t be surprised if I pass again across in such a manner. He has had my back on two occasions. Once was the last day I was in the mine, and the other not so long ago.
Carolyn Johnson: My, sounds like a love story.